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Consciousness, explorations from which we spring star stuff harvesting star light shores of the cosmic ocean Apollonius of Perga permanence of the stars, Tunguska event paroxysm of global death white dwarf the carbon in our apple pies tendrils of gossamer clouds white dwarf not a sunrise but a galaxyrise. Brain is the seed of intelligence extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence stirred by starlight, vanquish the impossible colonies quasar shores of the cosmic ocean Euclid dream of the mind's eye something incredible is waiting to be known rings of Uranus explorations the only home we've ever known.
    Galaxies tesseract cosmos inconspicuous motes of rock and gas Hypatia tesseract corpus callosum tingling of the spine astonishment extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Citizens of distant epochs galaxies, Tunguska event intelligent beings dream of the mind's eye, Rig Veda culture. Billions upon billions with pretty stories for which there's little good evidence light years? Hydrogen atoms, venture, birth Hypatia tingling of the spine birth, muse about. Kindling the energy hidden in matter. Vanquish the impossible!

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تلفن : 02191010160    
تهران شهرآرا، ب جلال آل احمد، ابتدای خ. آرش مهر، بل غربی، خ. منصوری کیا

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